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  1. Penny,

    Once again our Christimas present this year is our beloved Addison aka Addie; which we’ve had the pleasure of spoiling since we picked her up in June 2014. We hope her mom, Ruby is doing well and noticed her brother Trip is making a name for himself.

    Addie is very smart, determined and a total lovebug. Thank you so much for allowing her to be part of our family.

    Ken and Pat Kukla

  2. I am just now seeing this …. I’m SO GLAD she has enlivened your lives. I absolutely POSITIVELY am in LOVE with Trip!!! He is so sweet, so calm, and handsome to boot! Just wish he didn’t have a counterpart in crime that digs out under the fence and goes on expeditions.

    I’d love to see Addie sometime ….

  3. We got our beautiful Golden, Skye, from you almost 5 years ago. She will be 5 on February 15th. We love her so much and she has been one of the best things we ever did. She loves to go for walks and loves playing with her toys. I hope her mother, Lacey and her father, Jackson are well. We love her so much!!

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