Most breeders have already sold all of their puppies before they are born.  If you are seriously interested, you should get on a wait list of a breeder that you feel comfortable with as you will be in contact with this person for the life of your puppy.  

All of our puppies are raised in home.  They are whelped in the living room and stay there until around 4 weeks of age and then moved to their pen in the basement for them to have more room.   We prefer to not have visitors to see the puppies during the first 2 weeks depending on the mom and the size of the litter.  It is to ensure the puppies stay safe and mom to be comfortable with her new litter.

At week #5 we introduce them to the great outdoors for them to explore.  They have plenty of activities to challenge them and give them confidence.  We encourage people to visit during the 4 to 8 week period. 

At week 7 to 8 we will evaluate the litter for determining what is show quality vs. pet quality.   Between 7 and 8 weeks we take the puppies to the vet for a health check (heart, stool, eyes, etc.) and they will receive their first shot.   At this time we will determine when the “go home” date will be.